Toolbox Changelog

1.0.4 June 6th, 2019

  • Fixed broken Toolbox Updater class, which prevents Toolbox versions 1.0.0 through 1.0.3 from downloading the update-package.

1.0.3 May 29th, 2019

  • Fixed error when Toolbox tries to returns id's for an unset fieldname, which can happen when a fieldname gets added after the post is already created and hasn't been updated with a(n) (empty) value.
  • Loading toolboxLoader::init on action hook 'plugins_loaded' instead of assuming any of the CF solutions load before Toolbox.

1.0.2 May 10th, 2019

  • Minor enhancement to postid test in shortcode_get_{cf} callback that enables getting field value of other postid/option/tax_termid (ACF and Meta Box).
  • Enhancement to Meta Box shortcode_get_metabox to be able to get settings fields using shortcode

1.0.1 April 17th, 2019

  • Fixed: re-added forgotten ACF filters that handle default fieldtype settings, which prevented returning field output.

1.0.0 April 9th, 2019

  • Added Meta Box support!
  • Added Meta Box Custom Table support
  • Added Meta Box settings page support
  • Added Twig function toolbox_dump() to dump a variable in the layout
  • Added Twig filter fl_builder to only render content when in ?fl_builder and logged in as a user
  • Added Twig filter of_type to test if variable is of expected type
  • Added toolbox_get_posts wrapper function get custom queries inside the Twig.
  • Removed pre-filled templates for connectors and connector-insert because they were interfering with the connector settings.
  • Removed post_status from custom query array because it failed to show private posts for logged in users.

0.9.7 November 29th, 2018

  • Fixed updater unable do download update-package. (reverted from fix in 0.9.5)
  • Fixed returning breaking comment-line when Twig CSS in Timber Posts Module is empty or returning error.

0.9.6 November 11th, 2018

  • Added Import Twig files to Twig Templates CPT, useful when copying twig templates via FTP.
  • Added Export Twig Templates CPT to Twig Files, needed after importing twig-templates form another WP installation.
  • Added Support for Toolbox Search Filters on Toolbox Timber Posts module (beta addon)
  • Started adding necessary extensions to upcoming Beaver Builder v2.2
  • Added Slug-column to Twig Templates Dashboard overview
  • Added optional (!!!) Twig CSS to Timber Posts Module
  • Added Twig filters: cast_to_array (changes Object to Array), json_decode (changes json-string to associative Array)
  • Fix Menu Order sort direction not showing and selectable in Timber Posts Module
  • Removed Twig functions: toolbox_form_selectbox, toolbox_form_checkbox

0.9.5 October 12th, 2018

  • Fixed codemirror twig editor to fallback to 3024-midnight theme on multisite.
  • Fixed plugin-update-checker that sent out too frequent requests.
  • Fixed unclosed tag on toolbox_form_checkbox()
  • Fixed translation-files location pointing to the wrong location, resulting in error when running with wp_debug enabled.
  • Fixed *Toolbox conditional filter Datetime not working when also having PowerPack installed.
  • Fixed *Toolbox conditional filter Datetime "What to do when match" not working correctly.
  • Added autoheight on CodeMirrors Twig Templates.
  • Added Clone ACF-field to fieldtypes.

0.9.4 August 24th, 2018

  • Fixed DOM error in Settings panel where Timber Template field-checkboxes didnt get the correct IDs.
  • Added fieldname to field dropdown for easier selection. Can be deactivated in Toolbox-settings to only show the label.
  • Added POT-file to /languages directory and activated textdomain translations if available.

0.9.3 August 16th, 2018

  • Textual improvements.

v0.9.2.1 August 13th, 2018

  • Toolbox Settings not displaying fieldtype names due to change in ACF 5.7. Updated with version check on changed function-return.

v0.9.2 August 3rd, 2018

  • ACF field module: ACF 5.7 has changed results on one of their functions. Fixed fieldlist and grouplist in class ToolboxUtils.

v0.9.1 July 6th, 2018

  • Enqueue the Codemirror (Twig Templates) scripts and css only when on admin/dashboard, not on frontend.
  • Added {{relevanssi}} and {{excerpt}} variables for better search results. {{relevanssi}} will have reference to posts when plugin is activated.
  • Added select for PostQuery / get_posts for Timber Posts Module for Relevanssi Support. Set to get_posts when using Relevanssi.

v0.9 June 28th, 2018

  • Improved Timber Posts Module filtering possibilities. Added Tax, Include, Exclude Posts.
  • Minor improvement: Timber Posts Module selection field for multi post-types now has more lines.
  • Custom Post Type "Twig Templates" added. This allows you to move Twig Templates out of the module and make them globally available for inclusion using Twig {% use 'slugname.twig' %} {% include 'slugname.twig' %} and {% import 'slugname.twig' as variable %}, depending no it's intended use. See Twig docs for more info.
  • Added shortcode [toolboxtwig][/toolboxtwig]. Needs activation in settings.
  • Overhaul of settings tabs, grouped settings for more clarity.
  • Error handling of Twig templates has improved. If Twig template contains errors it will now return the error or fail silently without breaking the browser's output.


v0.8.8 June 12th, 2018

  • Added Twig function toolbox_object_to_array. This function transforms an object to an array, useful for handling fields that have an invalid name when trying to call them as a variable.
  • Added Twig function toolbox_get_term_by. This is useful when working with Taxonomy field, to retreive the corresponding name of that term. In a __field__ loop, use: {{ toolbox_get_term_by( 'id', item , __field__object.taxonomy ).name }} to display the taxonomy id's name.
  • Added Twig function toolbox_get_fields. Return one or multiple fields in one pass. Use {% set myfields = toolbox_get_fields('my_field') %} or {% set myfields = toolbox_get_fields( ['my_field', 'my_second_field' , 'my_third_field'] )%}
  • Added Twig function toolbox_get_field_objects. Return one or multiple field_objects in one pass. Use {% set myfields = toolbox_get_field_objects('my_field') %} or {% set myfields = toolbox_get_field_objects( ['my_field', 'my_second_field' , 'my_third_field'] )%}
  • Changed behavior of filter 'toolbox_twig_preset_directory'. You can set a directory using this filter, when adding modules it will first try to find the field template there. If not found it will revert to the plugins default template. You can still set 'toolbox_twig_preset_directory_{fieldtype}' for individual fieldtypes to different directories.
Bug fix
  • Added fieldtypes url, group, email, password, range, true_false to templateable fields.

v0.8.7 June 11th, 2018

  • Added Main Query posts collection to the Timber Posts Module. On Singular page use {{post}}and {{posts}} variable, on archive and others use posts only.
  • Added Filter to add custom Twig-views directories. Defaults to your-child-theme/views and your-theme/views directory.
  • Added Timber variable {{__field__}} and {{__field__object}} to default data. {{__field__}} is the returned acf-value, {{__field__object}} the acf-field object. This is in favor of the previous {{fieldtype}} and {{fieldtype_data}} (for instance: {{repeater}} {{relationship}}. This seemed to clash with other variables (group, user) when fieldtypes were named as filters, methods or tags. Also, some fieldtypes can have not so obvious names like flexible_content. {fieldtype} and {fieldtype_data} are still operable, but are to be deprecated in v1.0
    Read about it in the docs.
Bug fix
  • Was able to add taxonomy-fieldtype, user-fieldtype, group-fieldtype because of enhancement above.
  • Fixed activation_hook not running on plugin activation, resulting in possible error.