Getting Started

Toolbox is a plugin that allows you to quickly and consistently add your custom fields in your Beaver Builder layout. You simply drag the Toolbox Field in your layout, select the fieldtype and fieldname and it will automatically display that fieldtype the way it is intended.

Node Options

Add multiple conditional rules to hide Rows, Columns and Rows in your layout.

Add custom attributes to Rows, Columns and Rows for data-sharing with plugins and Javascript libraries.

Beaver Themer

Use Beaver Themer to add custom fields across multiple posts with one single layout.

Relationship Fields

Toolbox Twig Addons

These twig functions and filters are only available for Toolbox and are added to increase development speed and debugging.

Toolbox Conditional Logic

Toolbox adds more ways to conditionally hide/show nodes on Beaver Themer.

Plugin Development

Wrap your Twigs into a plugin for easy deployment and mainentance.