Toolbox for Beaver Builder


Sets the text before the relevanssi_didyoumean suggestion. Default value is __( "<p>Did you mean: " ).


  • $string (string)


Add a filter to change the text before the suggested search, if any.


add_filter( 'toolbox_relevanssi_didyoumean_before' , 'my_relevanssi_didyoumean_text_before' );

function my_relevanssi_didyoumean_text_before( $string ) {
    $string = '<p>Maybe you could try: ';
    return $string;

Note: should you decide to change the surrounding tag (<p> in example), don't forget to change it in the toolbox_relevanssi_didyoumean_after filter as well.

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Last modified: July 1st, 2019